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When it comes to inspections and repairs of lifeboats and davits, we are the leading company in Spain, Portugal and France. We ensure the availability of our service engineers 24/7. Our workshops  and our engineers are fully equiped and trained to carry out services such us:    - Annual and 5-years services on lifeboats, rescue boats,  launching appliances and release gears of davits, constantly attended by skilled and expert engineers.    - Installation, commissioning and testing.    - Load test with our own water bags.    - Maintenance and repair.    - Hook replacement in accordance with MSC.1/1392    - Fiber glass cosmetic repairs.    - Overhauling of hooks and maintenance of release systems. We are approved by makers: Hatecke, Global Davit, Hyundai, Oriental Precision. If your equipment’s manufacturer is not in our approved list, IBERIA LS can perform the service under flag of authorization and supervision of the ship´s class society surveyor . Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to be a good service for you.   We are located at Base Ports; Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras, Cadiz, Lisbon and Marseille covering all Ports of Spain, Portugal and France.
To improve the safety of lifeboat release and retrieval systems of conventional lifeboat, the Imo´s Maritime Safety Committee approved the new LSA code as amended by MSC.1/1392. The regulation required for all existing ships to be compliant with the new regulation on the first dry-docking after July 2014 but no later than July 2019. As a result , all lifeboats with release system that are not in this Imo database or being found as non-compliant shall be replaced or modified. Our workshop and service engineers are fully equipped and trained to perform Hooks replacements and modification all around Spain, Portugal and France. All Hatecke Hooks of size 2.6T, 4.3T, 9T, 12T and 18Tons have successfully passed the design review and performance test.
We can provide an extensive load testing services. Using our own certified water bags, we are capable to perform load test on: Cranes Davits Lifeboats Gangways and accommodation ladders (According to IMO Circ.13321regulations, all gangways and accommodation ladders including related fittings and winches require to be inspected and recertified annually and load tested every 5 years with effect from 1 January 2010).Why using water bags? : They are recognized worldwide as safe, efficient and cost-effective They reduce transportation and staging cost They are available in wide range of sizes They are designed for testing of load  In our warehouse we stock 375kg, 5 T, 10 T, 20 T, and 35 tons certified water bags. They are provided together with certificated flow meters and load cells. Our engineers are fully trained and capable to perform load test on all types of lifting appliances. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are looking forward to be a good service for you.
Lifeboats are the most visible item on board. Aware of this, IBERIA LIFEBOAT SERVICE offers a service that maintains them at the best condition. Our engineers are capable to perform cosmetic fiberglass works of repairs on lifeboats with small fiberglass damages in order to keep and maintain them on the best condition possible.
INSPECTIONS AND MAINTENANCE OF ALL TYPES OF FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMS All these services are vendered through professional and experienced subcontractors under special agreements offered directly by IBERIA LS to final costumers:Inspections, refills and hydrostatic test of all type of extinguishers. Complete inspections of CO2, foam, powder, water mist and other type of fixed extinguishing systems. Also provide foam analysis by special laboratory. Inspections of fire alarms and sprinklers. Inspections, refills and hydrostatic test of breathing apparatus, air escape sets and medical oxygen cylinders. Inspection of life jackets. Inspection of immersion suits and survival suits annual and 3 yearly services. Inspection of hydrostatic test of fire hoses. Inspection and maintenance of pilot ladders and embarkation ladders. Inspection and maintenance of air compressors including air quality test compressors. GAS CALIBRATION Through subcontractors, IBERIA LS has get into the complex world of gas detection as an important component in keeping enclosed places safe, offering calibrations and inspections on PORTABLE AND FIXED GAS SYSTEMS, UTI METERS AND ALCOHOL TESTERS in the ports of Spain and Portugal, those are available in the port Valencia and very soon also  in Algeciras, from these locations will cover any other port that requires gas calibrations.Supply the new RKI and Honeywell portable and fixed gas detectors.IBERIA LS is at your disposal to help you with the right model for each situation and it will offer directly these services to the final costumer. INSPECTION AND REPAIR OF LIFE RAFTS Through subcontractors and finally offer by IBERIA LS to costumers, we can offer inspection, maintenance and repair of the most important manufacturers of life rafts such as: VIKING, RFD, RFD TYO, RFD SURVIVA, RFD BEAUFORT, DSB, AUTOFLUG, FUJIKURA, ZODIAC and EUROVINIL. Those partners are duly authorized by classification bodies such us Bureau Veritas, Rina, Germanischer Lloyds, Lloyds Register and Det Norske Veritas, to carry out all the aforementioned jobs. Life rafts are normally in stock available in base ports for sale and  rental purposes.
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